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About Intelligent Logistics Brokerage

Intelligent Logistics Brokerage

Quality and a passion to solve supply chain problems – these are the values that guide Intelligent Logistics Brokerage (ILB). We are partners with our clients in their efforts to solve supply chain problems. By providing consistent value through our services, we have become an asset to each and every client. Our proactive approach works to optimize your transportation spend.

Rail Car: A single rail car can carry up to 200,000 pounds of freight, best for dense, heavy freight. A rail car can be a highly economical alternative to truckload and intermodal service. Our logistics specialists can help you analyze whether this mode is right for you. Through our relationships with all Class 1 railroads and with our expertise in truckload freight, we can provide a competitive solution that blends modes or suggest a mode best suited to provide cost savings.

Intermodal & Truckload: For long haul – consider intermodal, for regional – consider over the road truckload. These options create efficiencies in your supply chain by providing more equipment options. In certain lanes, intermodal also gives you the most effective combination of rates, service and trailer size. The same is true for OTR truckload. Let the experts from ILB help you determine the best options for each specific lane.

Import & Export: Is your forwarder booking your ocean freight based on what is best for you – or based on their contracts with the steamship lines? Don't get locked in to a freight allocation strategy. We will help you find, choose and execute your optimal solution. How often do your partial ocean shipments sit for extended periods of time, waiting for enough freight to fill a container? We will put your shipment in transit the moment it is ready. We quickly find available space on containers or combine your freight with other loads heading to the same destination. We save you time and money.

Small package: Our expertise in transportation extends to even the smallest shipments. Through unique industry relationships, we can configure solutions that fit your business and integrates small parcel into your total supply chain optimization. Every shipment you send deserves expert coordination.

Expedited: Do you need your freight delivered yesterday? While we can't turn back the clock, our time-critical team offers fast turnaround times for your most urgent shipments. You will get a range of scaled options quickly, so you can choose the one that is right for you. You will experience fast, dedicated service and trust that we will hit even the narrowest of delivery windows.

We will configure our comprehensive menu of flexible, scalable services into a program built around your key business operational and financial metrics. You'll receive a logistics solution that enhances the impact and value of logistics to your business and your customers' experiences.

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